Sexual harrassment training online

Sexual Harassment cases cost corporations hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees and lost revenue every year.

Providing a comprehensive online sexual harassment training to your employees will increase appropriate workplace conduct and reduce your company’s liability.

The AJ Novick Group offers this highly comprehensive sexual harassment class as an online solution to discriminatory harassment in the workplace.

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Thomson Reuters has online sexual harassment training courses that help train employees on how to prevent discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Not only can workplace discrimination and sexual harassment affect employee productivity, it can also divert resources from the organization's real business. Supreme Court has established legal standards for sexual harassment in the workplace that employers must meet to avoid — or at least minimize — incidents of discrimination and sexual harassment and avoid liability for punitive damages.

Employees take their individual class at their own pace. Often it is difficult to find quality sexual harassment training that meets state and federal laws; is enjoyable for participants; and cost effective for your company. offers the most innovative online sexual harassment training available on the internet for both large and small corporations.

All classes are AB‑1825, AB‑2053, and SB‑396 compliant and can be taken from any internet based computer.

But this is also happening across the economy, with women in tech and law, saleswomen (particularly in retail), waitresses, hotel maids, and many others.


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