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But as this fragrance develops on my skin it just kept getting better and better. And all these accords are enveloped by a glorious resinous harmony, which makes the whole scent profile smoky. It was one of my horrible grandmother's favourites and unfortunately, even though she died and I kept some to try of hers, it reminds me of a wicked old lady. Trying to be impartial, it is a strong and spicy fragrance suited to winter and evening wear, but until I untie the link with her, I can't wear it.

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A beautiful, classic fragrance that has stood the test of time. Something that is amazingly way better than the current EDT. Now that it has dried, the smoke is more prominent. That feeling when something that smells so divine is engulfed in fire and smoke.

I can smell the civet too, the musk is done in a very subtle and sensual way. I kept having a hard time getting over the leather note. Sometimes it reminds me of my signature Prada Intense from their men’s fragrance line—only Shalimar is the women’s version that can easily be unisex. While I’ll probably stick to my signature as my go-to scent—the only scent I wear when going out, regardless of season and occasion—Shalimar by Guerlain will be the scent I’d use for “mood-setting.” It’s that scent to wear when writing fantasy fiction. Shalimar is not a beast anymore, you have nothing to fear from her.

But at its heart and base, Shalimar is composed of smoky crème brûlée vanilla, leather, resins, and maybe a hint of Earl Grey tea.

When I hold Shalimar in my hands, I feel like I am holding a historical artifact, a romanticized version of love and the mysteries of the East frozen in time. It seemed like too much for my sensitive nose to handle, too many heavy notes.

I think if you like something and it makes you happy comments like that just don’t matter. I totally agree with those saying it smells very similar to the edc one. A friend recently sent me a decant of the limited edition Mexique version. I dared to try it again several weeks later, and again with a lighter hand and some aspirin close by, the civet note pummeled me again.