Sauli koskinen and adam lambert dating

In 2008, fans petitioned to have Koskinen and fellow Big Brother contestant Niko Nousiainen make a return to television.The campaign resulted in the television show Sauli and Niko’s Best Clips, in which Koskinen and Nousiainen provided commentary on viral videos.

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Before applying for the show, Koskinen worked as a clerk in a Helsinki clothing store.

Mikko Räisänen, the casting director for Big Brother, has stated that the decision to put Koskinen in the Big Brother house was made within the first two minutes of his casting interview, crediting Koskinen's positivity, likability and openness.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lambert and his boyfriend, Finnish reality star Sauli Koskinen, were arrested and spent several hours in jail Thursday (Dec. The reports out of Finland say the two men started fighting in a back room of the club, then continued fighting in the street once they were kicked out.

Former Miss Helsinki Sofia Ruusila tells a TV station she tried to break up the fight and was accidentally hit by Lambert.

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