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Ed Change also sells a wide range of radical leftist & white-hatred T-shirts including these two imprinted with "Cracker" and "Honkey" (click for larger image)...

What would happen if a diversity training company (or any company) sold T-shirts imprinted with "Ngger", "Gook", or "Spic"?

Ed Change is a well-known diversity training company based in St. They offer seminars and consulting "services" to schools and companies.

In other words, they "explain" to white school administrators and white corporate managers how they are "evil", "racist", and "oppressive" towards minorities.

Il prefetto coordinatore, ha precisato Hortefeux, sar nominato ufficialmente "nei prossimi giorni" e avr "autorit sufficiente su chi impegnato per il mantenimento della sicurezza".