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The absolute best is Tuscany in the summer...nothing will ever top that! I would recommend visiting the Eolian Islands off Sicily which have beautiful living architecture and scenery and the family names of everybody seemed to be restricted to a dozen or two so that when they marry the wives rarely need to change their family name. )but hang on to your belongings from scooter snatches! Just like the guy above said, you should definitely check out the Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, and the Vatican. Also, if you decide to go to the Vatican and the Vatican museum, you can purchase tickets for a tour (which allows you to bypass the long lineups to get in), get into the museum and do your own thing. It is difficult for a foreign traveler in Italy to find places that are not highly frequented by tourists.

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Per riassumere in breve, biglia piena senza effetto: attacco della battente nello stesso punto della avversaria, al centro.

Biglia avversaria piena con l’effetto sulla battente: mira verso lo stesso punto di attacco della battente riportato sulla biglia avversaria (comunque ritorneremo su questo particolare dato che teoricamente miriamo lo stesso punto sulla avversaria, ma nella pratica subentrano altri fattori che andranno ad influenzare il nostro tiro e dovremo tenerne conto).

I'm going with a group from my University so we will have some of excursions planned out already, but am wondering if anyone knows of any really neat places I should check out while I'm there? I love the culture, food, history, art, architecture, people, setting, and scenery.

I'd really be interested to take a look at some places that aren't highly frequented by tourists. Well if you are heading to Rome, I definitely recommend the following places: Piazza Navona The Pantheon The Colliseum The Vatican Circo Maximo The Roman Forum Piazza Farnese Trevi Fountain These are just some of the main sites to see, but Piazza Navona is a truly amazing place to experience at night, as you see how the culture comes to life at night. From there (in a car we bought, then sold back) we went to Rome, Sienna, Florence, Asissi, Perugia, so many small towns... If you are going to Rome (or just about anywhere in Italy), buy a ticket for the hop on, hop off bus. However, though compared to North America, it looks like a small place, seeing it in two weeks means seeing a very, very small portion of it.

Non avere fretta di andare avanti perché sarebbe inutile, devi prima essere perfetto in queste due cose.